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Why DocFynd

Challenges encountered by users in Document Management within Salesforce


Documents can be scattered across various folders, making it difficult to locate and manage essential file

Limited Accessibility

Restricted access to documents can hinder collaboration and productivity, especially when team members need specific files


As businesses grow, managing an increasing volume of documents can become overwhelming without scalable solutions

Integration Complexity

Integrating external document management systems with Salesforce can lead to compatibility and synchronization issues

Search & Retrievel challenges

As businesses grow, managing an increasing volume of documents can become overwhelming without scalable solutions

Lack of Automation

Automating document-related processes, such as approval workflows, can be limited without specialized tools

DocFynd Features

Let us manage your Document Management with ease

Document Mapping & Categorization

Document Mapping & Categorization

  • Structured Repository: Map documents to specific categories, creating a well-organized repository.
  • Intuitive Navigation: Users can navigate through categorized folders, simplifying document access.
  • Contextual Grouping: Group related documents under appropriate categories for contextual understanding.
  • Scalable Architecture: Easily scale categorization as your document volume grows, ensuring continued efficiency.
Document Tagging

Document Tagging

  • Efficient Organization: Categorize documents using custom tags for quick and logical retrieval.
  • Enhanced Search: Easily locate documents by applying multiple tags, streamlining search results.
  • Flexible Classification: Tag documents based on project, department, or any relevant criteria.
  • Improved Collaboration: Tags enable better document sharing and collaboration among teams.
Integration with external Storage

Integration with external Storage

  • Google Drive
  • AWS S3
  • Dropbox
  • Sharepoint
  • One Drive
Configure Rules & Automation

Configure Rules & Automation

  • Automated Actions: Set up rules and workflows to trigger automated actions based on document events.
  • Process Efficiency: Automate document approval, review, and sharing processes, enhancing overall efficiency.
  • Error Reduction: Minimize manual errors by automating repetitive tasks, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

Our Clients

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Very impressed so far


“I assessed this app alongside some others last year and I made a good choice. It is really simple to set up, the documentation is readily available and easy to follow and the support team are absolutely fantastic! I love how easy it is to perform field updates to trigger other processes. They have made several enhancements since we first installed last year, and I’m told they listened to my feedback and it is now possible to split document processes by record type (though I have not tested this myself yet)”

Carla Long

SalesOps Technical Manager at Solaris



“This App has been the best to use for Files Categorization. This helps a lot in reporting the files that have been uploaded. Live saver for us!!!”

Sridhar Ramamoorthy

Director, District360 at CUBE84

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